How Virtual Appraisals Works
(7 min. Video)
What's It Worth
ALL NEW: Your Children
Don't Want It Programs

Mike Ivankovich

What's It Worth &
Home Downsizing Series

12 Zoom & In-Person Programs

Ideal for Anyone Moving, Downsizing,
or Dealing with an Estate

What's It Worth Appraisal Program:

  • Where we appraise attendee's treasures In-Person or via Zoom. Our most requested program.

Home Downsizing Series:

  • HD #1: Home Downsizing Workshop…we'll get the downsizing process started.
  • HD #2: De-Clutter & De-Personalize…100+ ways you can live with less
  • HD #3: What's Hot & Not Today…today's hottest items, areas that will disappoint when selling, and 100+ things you can toss immediately
  • HD #4: Your Children Don't Want It. What Can You Do?…90 minutes of tips & selling strategies. You'll need a thick notepad for this program.
  • Book all 4 and Save 15%

eBay Series:

  • eBay 101: The Basics of Buying & Selling on eBay … you'll be listing items as soon as this program is over. Ideal for seniors new to eBay.
  • eBay 201: Advanced eBay … How to Buy & Sell Even More … we'll take you beyond the basics.
  • Book both and save 10%

Revenue Generating Series:

  • How to Run Highly Successful Garage Sales … times have changed and so have garage sales. We'll bring you up-to-date.
  • How Auctions Work … an insider's guide to buying & selling at auction
  • How to Supplement Your Income Buying & Selling Antiques & Collectibles … we'll show you how the dealers do it.

Fun & Entertaining Series:

  • Antiques & Collectibles Jeopardy … a fun and entertaining What's It Worth Program played on a revolving Jeopardy Game Board.
  • Let's Have an Auction … a fun and entertaining program that raises funds for your group.

Michael Ivankovich, GPPA, MPPA
Doylestown, PA 18902